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Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)

Tranquil Mountain Internal Arts' Taijiquan class focuses on the many health benefits found in the regular practice of the method. As part of the class, the principles of movement and basic martial applications are explored. The principles are applied to the 37-movement short form created by Cheng, Man-ching.

Taijiquan (sometimes refered to as Tai Chi for short) was originally created centuries ago as a martial art that cultivates the natural, internal energy flow and combines it with smooth physical movement for the purpose of self defense. Taiji can be literally translated to mean “supreme ultimate”. It can also be interpreted to mean “grand terminus” or “extreme opposites”. These translations and interpretation represents the concept of yin and yang, which reflects opposite attributes, such as light and dark, male and female, firmness and softness, and positive and negative. Both yin and yang, or opposites, are needed to achieve balance. And quan simply means “fist” or “boxing”.

Although taijiquan was created for the purpose of martial arts training, today it is mostly practiced for its tremendous health benefits. Taijiquan is an excellent exercise activity that emphasizes a peaceful mind and relaxed body. It is often called meditation in motion. This internal exercise combines with slow, graceful, and circular external movement to help loosen joints, tone the muscles, and strengthen the physical body. Practicing taijiquan regularly can help to reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure, improve physical and emotional balance, enhance the immune system, and improve coordination and concentration. In practicing taijiquan, you only need to dedicate about ten minutes a day to perform the form sequence.

Taijiquan classes include:

  • 37-Posture Yang-style Short Form
  • Yang-style Short Forms for Seniors
  • Sun-style Short Form for Seniors

Videos and lists of the forms taught in the Taijiquan classes are available here: videos